Digital Strategy

Efficient optimised digital strategy doesn’t come easily which is why we exist to supply your digital counsel across all digital channels. We support a number of businesses globally from music to taxis & insurance to kitchens which is why we understand what digital means to your business and with a briefing session our team can structure a bespoke digital strategy to support your requirements then work alongside you to execute and deliver the business you need.

Our commercial model works across a number of options which we can discuss based on your budgets and resource requirements. Get in contact with us and see how we can support you in the digital growth of your business.

SEM – Search is forever changing which is where a huge focus is required to ensure you do not having a creeping cost of sale (CoS) but are also able to deliver the right level of coverage to a targeted audience every day, at different times of the day and with the right message at that time of the day. Consider what your acquisition cost is and what amount of time you dedicate to this channel, what is it worth for you to get this pillar optimised ?

SEO – Organic placement is the holy grail due to the reduction in cost of sale when blended into your overall acquisition mix but don’t let your agency tell you they are effectively working this into your brand performance as well as its just not the case. Structuring your site for visibility as well as UX is a fine line and needs a decent amount of consideration here but you need to ensure you are search optimised for the right audience across the keyword tail where there is a true relevance to your product otherwise you are wasting your time and resource. Our assessment our your current digital strategy will determine where you need to be and the opportunity available to you.

DOWNLOADS – Whether you are driving brand awareness via your app exposure and activation or whether you are driving app usage to support a strong CLTV you need to consider market place activity to ensure cost per first booking maintains its efficiency which is where we come into the picture. Understanding the download marketplace is very complex and needs to be monitored on a very regular basis as well as supporting you app partners and store based optimisation. Get this right before investing in ASO as the basics can be covered pretty quickly without the smoke and mirrors most ASO agencies are stating.

CUG – Closed user groups are key to channel effectiveness and the direct to site contribution but you need to choose wisely and work with the right users. We have 17 years of experience in working with selected partners this way and can advise well.

AFFILIATES – Have you explored affiliate dialogue yet? Whether you manage this yourself or via a network partner you would be in a very small group of companies that do not utilise affiliates to drive business for you on the basis you reward them on the basis of converted sales. We see a very acceptable CoS with all the affiliate modelling we have integrated within the digital strategies and of course we recommend an always on approach to supporting this channel, actively pushing affiliates to deliver for you and then rewarding them when they do which keeps us all happy. Too many companies are sceptical of affiliates but when they drive traffic direct to site based on the toolkit you provide them along with very clear guideline on what is and is not acceptable can only be a positive contribution to you digital strategy. Develop – Execute – Optimise is key here and it’s an area which is very close to us are we are convinced if managed effectively, affiliates can only be complimentary to your digital strategy. It’s just having the right level of expertise, vision and understanding to support this.

PARTNERS – Whether you are offering a B2B solution for trade partners or a deeper level of users depending on the functionality provide to external partners there is a straight froward model that can be applied to ensure this channel is optimised. Whether its offering hotel rooms to online travel agents where your CoS is higher than it could be with a partner or whether you prefer the reach your partner has on a specific product either physical stock or virtually delivered then partners can support a decent proportion of your business. The decision is how far you want to explore this channel and who maintains overall merchant status with customer.  Optimisation here is key without compromising on your channel effectiveness.

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